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software support

Support is a very large component of any accounting system.  Over the years and through many of the clients we have visited, we have built a sound reputation in providing consistent, prompt and proficient support on all of the software installed and recommended by Ledgerwood Associates.  We provide Technical Support via telephone, email, online as well as onsite classroom and employee training.  At Ledgerwood Associates, we believe in empowering you with knowledge about your software.  The more you know, the more you and your company get real corporate insight.  

"we have over 30 years of experience in supporting adagio and accpac plus product lines."

adagio by softrak

Adagio Accounting software by Softrak is designed for organizations that manage $2 to $100 million in sales and revenue, with significant transaction volume and at least one person responsible for managing those transactions.  It is a modular system that is easy to understand and control with online processing in order entry and inventory control.   Additionally, Adagio provides professional looking invoices, checks and statements all without being forced to use a mouse during data entry or any of the other accounting procedures.  

For ACCPAC Plus users looking to move to a Windows solution, Adagio is the most natural upgrade path.  For users of Quickbooks, Peachtree, OneWrite Plus and other similar packages, Adagio is the next step up in terms of both price and feature set.  The price range is reasonable and its ability to handle large transaction volumes, complicated inventory management and flexible invoicing are common reasons users look to move up from the lower level packages.  

Softrak Systems, the developer of Adagio, is wonderful to work with.  Their technical support department is obsessively helpful and the whole company responds to end users as business partners with respect.  


accpac plus 

ACCPAC Plus is written in DOS and no longer for sale.  Therefore it is no longer being supported by Sage.  Regardless of this, there are thousands of diehard ACCPAC Plus users still using the software and if you are one of them, you will probably agree with the statement, "It still works".  

I intend to continue to provide consulting services to ACCPAC Plus users.  Also, the pluscommunity.com forum is a way of getting tech support from experts worldwide.  ACCPAC Plus requires tweaking to work with the latest Windows operating systems as well as the latest monitors and printers.  It is not always compatible with anti-virus software and sometimes, it unexplainably fails to run properly.  

At some point it will become necessary, for those who wish to remain in business, to replace their software for a Windows product.  The first place to look is Adagio by Softrak.