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Adagio Accounting Software by Softrak Systems, Inc.

Adagio Accounting is designed for organizations that manage $2 to $100 million in sales/revenue, with significant transaction volume and at least one person responsible for managing those transactions.  

This modular accounting system combines a batch interface that is easy to understand and control with online processing in order entry and inventory control.  Additionally, Adagio provides dynamite-looking invoices, checks and statements on blank paper.  All this without being forced to use a mouse during data entry or any of the other accounting procedures.  

Simple procedures and built-in software make it a snap to email or fax invoices and customer statements.  


Adagio Technical Support Forums

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ACCPAC Plus Community 

For the ACCPAC users still using the ACCPAC Software packages, PlusCommunity provides a great support forum for your questions and comments.  

Click here to check out the Plus Community forum where the ACCPAC community meets!

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